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With the cold rolled steel (zinc-plated, aluminium-zinc plated, etc) of different strength and thickness as substrate,it is produced through applying coating on both faces and then baking after chemically surface treatment. It has great performances in strength and shaping as well as adornment and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in architecture, household appliances, furniture, communal facilities and communications & transportation, etc.


Thickness (mm) 0.18-1.2
Width 900-1250
Inner Diameter(mm) 508/610
Weight ≤ 10T
Color Bright Red/Sea Blue/Light Gray/Green…
Substrate Zinc Plate/Aluminium Zinc Plate

Process Flow chart


1 Paper Angle Bead
2 Anti-rust Paper
3 Plastic Film
4 Outer Protective Sheet
5 Inner Protective Sheet
6 Metal Strapping Tape
7 End Plate
8 Label
9 Caution
10 Well-known Trademark

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