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Heavy Duty Shoring System
It is based on the principle of a self-locking system with a pivoting wedge-key that engages with a stirrup. Upon placing a horizontal member on a stirrup, the wedge will automatically swivel into place, instantaneously securing the system.


SC60 Vertical Load: 70KN per leg
Main Vertical Tube Members: 60.3 mm (OD) X 2.9 mm (thick)
SC25 Vertical Load: 30KN per leg
Main Vertical Tube Members 48.3 mm (OD) X 2.5 mm (thick)

Product Highlights
Loss part free
Fast erection & dismantling
No mistake
Multi-direction & multilevel 

Components List

Vertical Shore/ Jack Support 

1. All steel construction-reduces fire hazard.
2. A one-man operation system-erected in less than a minute.
3. Screw collar-adjuets to close tolerances without wedging.
4. High grade steel-stronger and lighter.


Model no. Fully extended Closed
VS 2 3,500mm 2,000mm
VS 3 3,900mm 2,400mm

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